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You have noticed the buzz lately over Penny Stocks. 

        Penny stocks are common stocks of smaller public companies that trade for less than a dollar per share.  Penny stocks, they are regulated by the SEC, but instead of trading on the BIG markets like the NYSE, they are trade on “over-the-counter” markets, which are very accessible to everyone.

         Today, penny stocks are offering smaller investors the chances for a great opportunity to earn significant up-side on their investments, with relatively little risk.

          This is occurring for two reasons:

  1. It doesn’t take a lot of money to invest in penny stocks. For the price of just one share in large companies that trades on the big markets such as Apple or Google you will only have one or two shares of these big stocks, but with the penny stock you could buy thousands of shares in most penny stock companies.
          For example:

          One share of Google cost $581.12 and for one share of Apple will cost you $527.86

          If you take the same amount that you would pay for one share of Google and pick a penny stock that cost you $0.008, you will have 72,640 shares for the price of just one share of the big company. If you want 72,640 share of Google it will cost you $42,212,556.80. So if you have that much money to throw into stocks then you really don’t have any worries at all. But if you are like most of the world you are looking to achieve a better life. Then you will have to start small to reach your goal.

2.       Penny stocks have the potential for huge returns.  Because the price per share is so low, they can experience huge price increases – sometimes even doubling or tripling in just one day.  Price jumps like this is unheard of in larger companies, but much more common with penny stocks. Another great thing about penny stocks, these stocks is traded in exactly the same way as larger companies shares are. You can easily track price movements and buy and sell online, or through a traditional broker. But through a broker they will want to take a portion of what is made off these stocks and most of the time it is 35% of the earnings.
While there is always some risk in owning shares of publicly traded companies, the amount people tend to invest in penny stocks is relatively small, so if the price of the stock drops, investors do not lose significant amounts of money.

           But, with thousands of different penny stocks to choose from, how should you go about finding the right ones to invest in?

             In fact, penny stock track record is nothing short of outstanding. Every single pick rose shortly after their alert, with the most recent pick skyrocketing from 10 cents to 1.20 in just two weeks. That’s an increase 1,100 percent! Their members have also seen gains of over 2,500 percent in the past, a number rarely seen in BIG COMPANY STOCKS!

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Now for must of us when we are told that the stock has been selling short.  You look at that person with a empty look on your face and ask what in the world are they talking about.

I will basically brake it down for you, it is when a investor sells a stock that the investor does not actually owns.  The investor is banking on this.  The investors sells shares of a stock that the investor does not have for a higher price and hopes to buy the same stock at a later time of the day for a cheaper price then he sold them for.

So another word  it is when you tire to sell your next door neighbors house for them at a higher price then what they paid for it.  You don't own the house, but you think once you sell it and you have the money in hand you can buy their house from them cheaper then what you sold their house for.  Sound crazy and confusing to me too. So why waste all your time  wondering if you can buy shares at a cheaper price then what you sold them for.

If lady luck has her way, those shares you sold for a profit well they won't be a profit for you any more. When lady luck puts her hand into anything you can beat trouble is coming.  So those shares you sold hoping to make a profit, they start heading north into the higher price range.  Now what are you going to do, the stock you thought you sold for a profit. Has now triple in price and now it is time for you to make good with the exchange before the end of the day.  So what does that investor do. 

That investor has to make a choice and decide on two things to do, the investor can either settle with the exchange so the investor can come back another day to invest or do nothing and get everything they own taken away from them to settle their debt they have with the exchange and lose the ability to invest in the future .
So when I say the investor will lose everything I mean everything.

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     Have you ever wonder how people make money in the stock market
When a stock drops it force an investor to make a hard decisions. Does the investor hold onto the stock or does the investor sells the stock and take a big lost. This happens when investors start selling the stock and it floods the market with a large amount of the stock, in returns pushes the price of the stock down. In some cases the price drops and does not recover in time and that stock is pulled off of the NYSC or NASDAQ. This is cause because the stock price had fallen below the DOLLAR mark for a period of time. Now this is the time to buy, the veteran investors knows this secret because of their time they have spent working in the market. When the stock is low, your investment will be small. So what would you think if someone invested $50.00 into a stock  and bought 500,000 shares and the stock moved up to $0.04 and sold it making a profit of $22,000. I am here to tell you that you can accomplish this with !!
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